Monday, August 29, 2011

Grant Program To Hep Provide Financial Assistance For Caring For A Family Member

If you are looking for financial assistance to help with the care of a family member then here is a grant program that you might be interested in learning more about.

This grant program is for Hospice Patients & Families.

There is an organization that has a fund that helps provides financial assistance for terminally ill individuals and their families who are experiencing financial distress and unable to be self-sufficient due to the circumstances of their terminal diagnosis.

This organization will consider grant requests for patient and family assistance from any person that has a terminal diagnosis regardless of care-provider. In order to adhere to IRS guidelines for charitable giving, the organization must collect financial information from the patient and/or the family member applying for grant assistance. This information is then used to determine the level of financial need of the applicant.

Grants are made when the individual is considered “needy and distressed” as defined by the IRS.

For more information a detailed explanation of the grant guidelines can be downloaded online for free from the organization's website.

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