Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Here Is An Indirect Way To Receive A Grant

One of the ways that you can indirectly get a grant is if you have some field of expertise you may be able to hire yourself out as a consultant of some kind!

Many municipalities receive government grants for financial support when they have problems that they have to take care of.

For instance one area will be receiving a $250,000 grant so that they will be able to hire a consultant to help reduce energy consumption and costs in the area.

This grant comes from leftover federal stimulus money that was distributed last year.

This grant program is to help benefit a number of towns in one area. The consultant that the grant program will pay for will either be a consulting firm or an individual who for will spend one day each week in one of the towns. The position will last for two years and will be at no cost to the taxpayer.

One of th town councilman said he would like to see some report from the town on the progress of the consultant. The town also said it would like to use the hiring of the consultant to help pursue other grants in the future.

Remember government grants really are free money that you do not have to pay back!

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