Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Grant Program To Help Pay Your Hospital Bill!

Do you need help with paying your hospital bill?

Last year one organization provided over $75,000 in grants for more than 100 individual applicants! The grant program was put in place to help eligible patients pay their hospital bills. So far this year, the organization has paid over $20,000 in grants that benefited 57 patients!

However the number of applicants has been far exceeding the amount of money that the organization can give.

This particular grant program is funded by a trust fund's will. The terms of the will stipulated that the interest from the trust be used "to help pay for operations and hospital attendance for poor and needy persons at the organization's namesake hospital.

There's now a formal application process and income guidelines to determine who is eligible to be considered for a grant.

To find out more about this grant program and its eligibility requirements, just click here.

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