Saturday, March 6, 2010

Local University Has A Grant Program For Students!

Are you a student feeling the financial crunch of the current economy? For those who may feel they have "reached the end of their rope," there is a place to turn. There is now a support program which is a free, confidential resource for graduate and undergraduate students experiencing financial emergencies.

Says a spokesperson for the program, "One of our goals is to help keep students in school." Students in financial emergencies fill out an application, which is stripped of any identifying information and sent to the board consisting of other students.

While grants do offer support for the short term financial emergencies, the program also offers long-term direction to external resources and financial tips for students.

The website states that another goal of the foundation is to "help students who apply for grants to become more self-reliant through advice and suggestions of reliable resources on campus and in the community.

Grants may be awarded to those who need help with textbooks, food, medical emergencies, emergency travel or daycare to name a few. There are some things the grants will not cover including fines and fees, tuition, counseling services or cell phone bills.

For a complete list, students are encouraged to visit the website.

It is important to remember that everything to do with the program, from students applying for grants to members of the board, is completely confidential and anonymous. Applications are stripped of all identifying information including names, addresses, and even majors, before they are passed to the board. Students on the board are anonymous to ensure that those applying for emergency financial assistance feel safe and comfortable doing so.

If you are in a financial emergency and need assistance “there are many options available to you. You can visit their website to learn more about the program or to fill out an application for a grant“. There are also 2 email addresses that you can mail your grant applications to - these email addresses are also provided on the website as well!

Also, the Student Support Foundation is looking for both graduate and undergraduate students to be on the board. Check out the website for a description of board membership, fill out an application and email it to either Fuller or Tardif. If you're in serious financial need, don't forget that your friends at the SSF can help!

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