Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Grant Program For Fire Fighters!

It has been announced that 33 state organizations have been awarded a total of over $3 Million Dollars! This grant funding will be used to support operations and firefighter safety and to purchase firefighting vehicles for various fire departments in that state.

According to a spokesperson, “This grant program provides our local firefighters and first responders with the equipment and support to help keep our communities safe. These brave men and women are on the front lines when disaster strikes and these dollars will make sure they are better protected in the line of duty. The firefighters and first responders of our state play a critical role in keeping us safe and secure. These federal dollars will help provide them with the resources they need to protect communities across the state.

This program awards grants grants directly to fire departments and EMS organizations to improve the effectiveness of operations and health and safety programs and to establish or expand fire prevention programs throughout the United States.

Grants are awarded competitively through an application process. More information can be found at the program's website.

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