Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Grant Program For Breast Cancer Research!

Here is a government grant program that is open to ALL apply! This means that this grant program has an unrestricted eligibility requirement - however it is subject to any clarification in the field entitled "Additional Information on Eligibility"

This grant program was started to promote new ideas that are still in the early stages of development and have the potential to yield highly impactful data and new avenues of investigation. This grant awards program supports conceptually innovative, high-risk/high-reward research that could ultimately lead to critical discoveries or major advancements that will accelerate the eradication of breast cancer.

Research projects should include a well-formulated, testable hypothesis based on strong scientific rationale. The grant program seeks applications from all areas of basic, translational, clinical, behavioral, and epidemiological research. Innovation and Impact are the most important aspects of this grant program. Here is a more specific explanation:

  • Innovation - Research deemed innovative may introduce a new paradigm, challenge current paradigms, look at existing problems from new perspectives, or exhibit other uniquely creative qualities.

  • Impact - Research that has high potential impact may significantly accelerate the eradication of breast cancer. It is the responsibility of the applicant to clearly and explicitly articulate the project’s innovation and its potential impact on breast cancer.

The sponsors of this grant award encourages applications that include meaningful and productive collaborations between two primary entities but please note that each of the co-entities will have different submission requirements. However, both should contribute to the preparation of a single application. The collaborative partners may have expertise in similar or disparate scientific disciplines but are expected to bring different strengths to the application. New collaborations are encouraged, but not required. The program is designed to support collaborations on completely new research ideas; therefore, merely continuing an existing or previous collaborative research project between the two partners is not considered innovative and does not meet the intent of this grant program.

It is the responsibility of the partners to describe how their combined expertise in the collaboration will better address the research question and explain why the work should be done together rather than through separate efforts.

Over 50 grants will be awarded from this grant program and the total amount of funding dollars for this grant program is over $40 Million Dollars!

There is no "cost-sharing" or "matching requirement" required which means that you will not have had to have secured funding BEFORE you can apply for this grant program.

The deadline to apply for this grant program is April 8, 2009!

If you have difficulty accessing the full announcement via their website then you can contact them via phone or you can also send them an email!

Grant Program For Conservation!

Grant Applicants / Applications MUST address one of the following environmental concerns:

  • Water Resources

  • Soil Resources

  • Atmosphere Resources

  • Grazing Lands Energy

  • Wildlife Habitat.

This grant funding program is open to all to apply and this includes individuals as well as small for-profit businesses!

5 Grants will be awarded and the maximum individual grant amount is $75,000! And there is a cost-sharing / matching requirement required!

The deadline to apply for this grant program is May 4, 2009!

You can link to their website and download their .pdf file for a full explanation of this specific grant program. You can also contact them by email or by phone.

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