Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Funding Program For New And Existing Daycare Providers!

In one state there is a scholarship and compensation opportunity for center-based and family child care home providers. The program links education, compensation and commitment to improving the quality of early childhood care and education programs for young children.

This funding program works with new providers who are just starting out as well as existing providers who need information, training, or other assistance. This program also provides inclusion services for providers who wish to learn more about caring for children with special needs and you can find out more information about this by visiting their website. You can also request to receive a copy of their brochure for child care providers by contacting them via email. For information on the state's licensing and regulations you can contact their offices or visit the Department of Health and Senior Service's website also.

Keeping Warm!

There is a national program for the elderly, blind and/or disabled to help assist eligible, payment-troubled customers who are at least 62 years of age, blind or disabled. Program features include a lower monthly gas rate, debt forgiveness, emergency heating equipment repair or replacement, and conservation measures depending upon individual circumstances.

For more information about this program you can visit their website

Grants Don't Always Come In The Form Of Actual Cash!

For instance in one state, homeowners are eligible for a $300 property tax rebate. However they won't get that tax rebate in the form of actual cash! Instead they will receive it as a tax credit on their property tax bill. Now while $300 may not seem like much as far as reducing one's property tax bill it may make all the difference to those who need that much needed financial help to help them be able to better be able to afford to pay their property tax bills.

As you know in some areas, failure to pay one's property tax bill will result in the property being foreclosed on. So any thing that can financially help one to lower their property tax bill - I'm sure - will be highly welcomed!

Here is a note:

An interesting side note about this particular property tax "grant" program is that according to the wording of this program, this grant doesn't have to be funded if the jurisdiction is not prosperous! In other words if the locality is suffering financially then they don't have to fund this particular grant program! Of corse it is at the jurisdiction's discretion as to whether or not they are considered prosperous in any given year!

How's THAT for irony!

$10,000 Grant Program For Education!

There is a state grant program by the Verizon Foundation inviting state public schools to apply for financial grants! Only online applications will be accepted and applications are provided from their website in .pdf format!

Accepted proposals include:

  • programs to improve English, math or science skills

  • programs to improve student literacy

  • programs to help decrease school dropout rate

  • programs to help improve graduation rates

Application Deadline is April 6, 2009!

The grant award can be used for the following:

  • stipends for teachers who work out of school time

  • fees for substitute teachers

  • supplies and support materials

  • hardware or software (*some restrictions apply)

  • training

  • travel and lodging

Grant recipients are scheduled to be announced in May 2009

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