Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Are There Any Grants For Home Repair

Ms. Rose, I have tried many times to get a grant to repair my home but unsuccessful. The city is no longer taking application due to the economy and the list is long. I lost my job due to illness. Any suggestions regarding Grant money to repair my home: One company gave me an estimate of $25,000 dollars. Thank you for your time.

Well there are a few things that I would need to know. You don't mention where you're located. That is something that is important to know because there are some grant programs that are dependent upon location.

Are you older than 55? There are some grant programs that help seniors.

You also didn't mention what type of repairs that you want done. So many questions that you have to question but not enough specific answer(s).

This is why each client of mine has to answer some specific questions that are provided by me when they hire me to find grant information for them.

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