Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Grant Received To Study The Benefits Of Generosity!

You heard it right! A sociologist has been awarded a grant to study generosity! The amount of the grant was $140,000!

This grant was awarded by an organization to study how social, economic and political structures affect individuals' generosity toward one another.

This study is one of 13 research projects to receive funding from this organization, which promotes research on generosity, altruism, philanthropy and related issues and shares those findings with corporate, civic, religious and philanthropic communities.

According to the grant recipient, "We are hoping to identify not only the individual characteristics associated with generosity but also the larger social forces that shape generosity.

The organization that is providing this grant is distributing $1.4 million to nine projects. Four other projects were funded earlier.

In two rounds of competition the oranization received almost 700 research proposals, and 13 projects gradually emerged as the most scientifically rigorous and promising.

For more information you can contact the organization itself by either phone or by regular snail mail address.

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