Monday, February 21, 2011

Travel Grants For Writers And Reporters!

This grant program is open to all journalists, writers, photographers, radio producers or filmmakers; staff journalists as well as free-lancers of any nationality!

There is an organization that provides travel grants to cover hard costs associated with upcoming travel for an international reporting project.

According to the website, the "ideal" project offers print, photography, radio, and video.

Travel grants are also being offered to non-native, English-speaking journalists.

The organization is currently seeking proposals for projects on under-reported population issues.

The amount of individual travel grants will depend on the specific project and detailed budget planning. Most awards fall in the range of $2,000 to $10,000 but depending on project specifics may be as much as $20,000!

Once your project has been approved half of the grant amount is generally paid just before travel and the remainder on submission of the principal material for publication or broadcast. (Specific grant terms are negotiated during the application process.)

Proposed projects must include a credible plan for broad dissemination of the resulting work in U.S. media (print and/or broadcast). Applicants should be able to demonstrate interest from editors and/or producers working in wide-reaching U.S. media outlets. The credibility of a distribution plan is generally most evident in an applicant's track-record working with the listed outlets. Please do not have editors send letters simply stating they would consider the work. Letters from editors and/or producers who have worked with you in the past, and are interested in working with you again, are encouraged.

The organization is increasingly seeking multi-media projects that combine print/photography and video to explore the issues. Applicants are encouraged to create partnerships with others and propose a complementary suite of deliverables.

If you are only working in one medium, you may still apply.


Ddonn said...

"non-native, English-speaking" means people who speak English and who are not native to the country they travel to, correct?

Rose said...

I am assuming this to be correct. However if you have any doubts or questions about this then it would be a good idea to contact them so that they will be able to answer your question directly.