Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Craziest Ways To Pay Your Tuition?

Found this article online called "The Craziest Ways To Pay Your Tuition?" that talks about the crazy ways that some students have paid for their college tuition.

It seems when scholarships and free money and government grants are not enough to help defray the cost of college, students (and their parents) have thought up different crazy ways to be able to pay for college costs.

Some of the ways that students have used to pay for their student loans have included begging on the streets, playing music for tips and there was even a special program where students could get part of their tuition paid by trading livestock?????

Some other students started their own business by offering cleaning services.

Other students have even done dumpster diving for food!



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Rose said...

I do agree with you about this. The stock market always seems to going up and down and I would much rather prefer investments where - at least - my principle is not affected.

I don't believe that there are a lot of students who are using proceeds from their stock market investments because I just don't think that there are a lot of students who can afford investing in the stock markets.