Friday, January 15, 2010

$25,000 Poetry Award!

Grant money for writers

Grant money for poetry

Financial awards in prose (fiction and creative nonfiction) or poetry are available to published, creative writers. Theses kinds of awards allow writers to set aside time for writing, research, travel, and general career advancement.

Individuals may apply only once each year.

Since this is a government grant program all individuals must submit their applications electronically via the government's official website!

The deadline to apply is March 4, 2010!

If you have questions about your application, please contact the staff by email or by phone.

In the event of a major emergency that affects a large number of applicants for an extended period of time (e.g., a multi-state power outage or a natural disaster such as a hurricane), the program may decide to adjust application deadlines for applicants in the affected area. If this occurs, the program will post an announcement on its Web site.

Competition for this program is extremely rigorous. Potential applicants should consider carefully whether their work will be competitive at the national level.

This program does not fund:

  • Individuals who previously have received two or more awards from this program

  • News reporting

  • Scholarly writing

  • Work toward academic degrees

You are eligible to apply in Poetry if, between January 1, 2003, and March 4, 2010, you have had published

  • A volume of 48 or more pages of poetry

  • Twenty or more different poems or pages of poetry in five or more literary journals, anthologies, or publications which regularly include poetry as a portion of their format. Up to 16 poems may be in a single volume of poetry of fewer than 48 pages. This volume, however, may count as only one of the required five places of publication

Applicants may use online publications to establish up to fifty percent of their eligibility, provided that such publications have competitive selection processes and stated editorial policies.

You must apply in a specific literary form (i.e., fiction, creative nonfiction, or poetry). You must establish your eligibility in the form in which you apply. You must meet the eligibility requirements by the deadline date. No exceptions will be made to the eligibility requirements. The following may not be used to establish eligibility:

  • Pre-publication material, such as galleys, proofs, and advance reader's copies

  • Self-publication including work that has appeared in a publication for which you are the editor, publisher, or staff

  • Collaborative work
  • Scholarly writing
  • Instructional writing
  • Journalism
  • Book reviews
  • Editorials/letters to the editor
  • Interviews

  • Student publications and publications which primarily print work by persons who are affiliated with a particular academic institution

  • Vanity press publication

    For the purposes of this category, a vanity press is defined as one that does any of the following: requires individual writers to pay for part or all of the publication costs; asks writers to buy or sell copies of the publication; publishes the work of anyone who subscribes to the publication or joins the organization through membership fees; publishes the work of anyone who buys an advertisement in the publication; publishes work without competitive selection; or publishes work without professional editing

Please remember to submit your application no later than 10 days prior to the deadline to give yourself ample time to resolve any problems that you might encounter. You take a significant risk by waiting until the day of the deadline to submit.

Waiver Request

If you are unable to submit your application electronically, you may request a waiver. A waiver will be granted for the following reasons only:

  • Internet access is not available within a 30-mile radius of your address

  • Disability prevents you from submitting your application electronically

Your waiver request must be in writing and must be received (not postmarked) at least three weeks before the application deadline. You can click here for more information on waivers.

You do not need to complete the registration process to download the application package and begin to prepare your material (see below). However, you will need your Username and Password that you obtain in the final step of the registration process to submit your application.

If you want a hard copy of your completed application for your files, clicking the Print button will print out the two forms in the Mandatory Completed Documents for Submission box. For a hard copy of the items that you are attaching to the Attachments Form, you will have to print each of these out separately from your computer.

For Poetry:

  • 10 typescript, single-column pages of:

    Poetry, with no more than one poem per page, or
    One long poem (or section of a long poem)

  • Your manuscript sample must be:

      From work that you have written in the time period that establishes your eligibility, and for which you have sole artistic responsibility. You may submit published work, unpublished work, or work in progress. Do not indicate whether or not the material has been published.

    • In the literary form in which you establish your eligibility (e.g., poetry). Please indicate the literary form at the top of the first page of your manuscript

    • In typescript and clearly readable. Use a 12 point or larger font. Include the page number in the upper right corner of each page. Do not crowd pages. Do not submit more than the maximum number of pages that are allowed; excess pages will be removed

List the specific published works that establish your eligibility (see Eligibility for details). Use the bullets below as column headings for your list. For each publication note:

  • Title

  • Publisher (including name of magazine or press with address and phone number)

  • Publication date (month and year)

  • ISBN number, if available

  • Number of pages of your material

grants for individuals

grants for personal use

personal grant money

free grant money

Free Money!

Do you know that I actually found a website that is giving away free money! (Isn't it just amazing at what you can find on the internet these days!)

Here is how it works. Someone put up a website where you can make a request for money! You send them an email saying how much you would like to have and what you need the money for.

Some requests for money are answered and some aren't. It's quite obvious that even Bill Gates couldn't even honor all the requests for money that this site has been receiving.

Requests can be made for up to $500 or more if you have a compelling reason as to why you need the money.

Some of the people that this site has said received money received the money for help with paying bills, financial assistance with paying a mortgage payment or a rent payment, money for college books, and some have received money just to be able to buy gifts for their children.

Another Grants Program

For Artists Announced!

This state program awards grants of up to $25,000 for the production of film, video, media or new technology project. This funding program for individual artists offers support for the creation of new work by artists who reside in the state through artist-initiated projects in electronic media (video, sound art, installations, and new technologies) and film production, and the commissioning of new work by composers and theater artists.

Artists at various career stages are welcome to apply to this program.

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