Monday, August 3, 2009

Grant Programs For Diabetics!

The Federal Government has billions of dollars in free aid and assistance available for diabetics and diabetic small businesses. Many of these grants, loans and other sources of aid are seldom awarded because eligible diabetics and diabetic businesses do not know about them, do not have internet access or knowledge of existing programs.

For diabetics who are handicapped, sixty-two to sixty-five or older, the program offers assistance with necessary home repairs, for example, replacement of leaky roofs, porch repairs, plumbing and building of modern indoor restroom facilities. Repairs that are essential and necessary for daily existence.

The director of one organization has said, "there are billions of dollars in assistance and grants earmarked for people previously identified as credit risks. Public and private funds are now available for them to repair homes, start a business, consolidate debts and any worthwhile purpose." In addition, he reported how new financial resources have been committed to help diabetics get job training and re-enter the job market.

"Now is the time for diabetics to act if they need money for any worthwhile purpose," urged the director. He also revealed that several reduced-cost and free programs now exist to help diabetics and the economically disadvantaged who have been diagnosed with diabetes. Such programs include energy assistance, free prescriptions, home repair and legal aid.

One organization offers the program that provides the latest information on assistance for diabetics. It covers job training, financial assistance, phone bill assistance, diabetic recipes, free grants, scholarship and loan resources available for a wide variety of purposes, including business start-ups for diabetics. The kit also includes a list of more than fifteen hundred professionals offering diabetics free advice and business guidance.

For additional information you can visit the organization's website. They also can be contacted by phone and via a regular mailing address.

The organization also offers a free diabetics watch and a free glucose meter to qualified beneficiaries with diabetes. Combined offers are available while supplies last.

Students In The UK

Could Be

Getting A Break!

The government is considering dropping tuition fees for students who stay at home to study in exchange for them waiving their right to grants and loans! Ministers are considering the plan as one possible solution to the mounting conundrum over how to fund the growing university sector in a recession. The idea is contained in draft plans for a framework for the future of higher education, the BBC said.

It is thought the idea will appeal to students from the poorest backgrounds who might be put off applying to university for fear of getting into debt, and to the rising numbers who are supporting themselves through part-time work while studying.

Says the president of the National Union of Students, "The idea may work out well as a financial bonus for particular groups of individuals who we are desperately trying to bring into the higher education system, who have the ability but don't want the traditional experience of studying away from home. My key concern is that to incentivise students to stay at home could be a barrier to choice. I would be concerned if people limit their horizons and study at home when there may well be a better course or university elsewhere."

Students pay £3,225 a year in fees but receive a loan to cover the cost, plus loans to live on and free grants for the poorest students. Even though the government eventually gets the loans repaid, the subsidy is a huge drain on the exchequer. The proposals would partly reduce that subsidy.

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