Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Grant Basics 101 Podcast!

I have just started my own Grant Basics 101 Podcast!

It's just in its beginning stages!

If you take a look on the left side of this blog you will see the widget for the podcast. You can also go to the podcast page by clicking here.

Like I posted above this podcast is in it's beginning stages but there is already one caller who called asking about possible grants for their for-profit daycare business and I gave my reply to them.

I hope to be adding more content to the podcast very soon!

Home Owners In Louisiana May Be Eligible For Cash Grants!

This money is from a government program that was put in place to bring insurance companies to the state. (No doubt this has to do with the effects of hurricane Katrina and all the home insurance problems stemming from that).

This is UNUSED money from one of the expired 2007 government grant programs! The funding was originally set up as a matching grants program for private insurance companies that agreed to begin writing policies in the nearby coastal areas. It was targeted for improving a homeowners' access to private insurance after the 2005 hurricanes, and to reduce the number of policies written by the state's insurer.

The insurance department issued $29 million in grants, and state law says the remaining money should be divvied up and given to holders of homeowners policies.

$2 Million in Grants to Help Persons

with Disabilities Stay in Their Own Homes!

This will be a statewide program that adds ramps, chair lifts and other features to homes so low-income seniors and residents with disabilities can continue to live in their communities. The state's Housing Development Authority will allocate the grant money to 14 non-profit organizations and public agencies around the state to administer the program.

New Ruling For Government Contractors - Maybe?

The U. S. Chamber of Commerce has filed a lawsuit against a new government ruling that says that businesses must file online if they want to be considered for government contracting work.

Originally the ruling was going to take effect on February 15th of this year but since the lawsuit has been filed the date has been moved back. The lawsuit contends the government doesn't have the authority to make E-Verify mandatory for contractors.

The online verification process provides an Internet-based means for employers to compare the names and Social Security numbers of newly hired employees against government databases. So far about 100,000 businesses have participated in the program, which is now voluntary. Under a regulation issued Nov. 14, however, companies that receive federal contracts of $100,000 or more must use the online verification process to confirm the employment eligibility of all new hires and reconfirm the eligibility of existing employees that are assigned to federal contracts. These requirements also apply to most subcontractors.

It is hoped that the delay in the rule's effective date will give the new Obama administration "an opportunity to re-evaluate the efficiency of the policy.

You can find out more information about this online.

Basically what this means is that if you are considering becoming a government contractor once you are awarded a federal contract worth more than $100,000 that has a performance term of 120 days or more, or if you have a subcontract worth more than $3,000, you will have 30 days to enroll in the federal contractor online verification program. Enrolling involves signing a non-negotiable Memorandum and registering the individuals who will be using the system.

If you and / or your business are considering becoming a government contractor then I suggest that you take a look at their online user's manual that explains more in detail.. This online manual will help you to get an idea of your options and what it will be like to use the system. The people you select to be “users” of the system will have to register and take the on-line tutorial before you can actually begin using the system.

You might want to register now and begin using the standard online verification system for new hires to give you a chance to get a head start before the deadline. If you are already enrolled in the online verification program as of January 15, 2009, and you have a qualifying contract or subcontract, you will have to modify your enrollment to switch to the federal contractor version. Within 90 days of enrollment as a federal contractor, you will have to begin using the new verification process for all new hires in the U.S. (including people who are not working directly on a federal contract), within three days after the employee begins working for pay.

You will also need to become familiar with some of the rules for avoiding discrimination while using the new online verification process. They are listed in the online user manual.

then (until a final decision is made)

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